Fast switch to AirPods on Mac?

We’re all famaliar with this annoying issue, I’m sure.

Using the Airpods on our iphone or iPad and then opening the Mac only experience that the Airpods now swiitch to the Mac again and again. This can be turned off in Settings —> Blueetooth.

But having turned that off, it’s actually not easy to willfully connect one’s Airpods to the Mac, except by going to Settings —> Bluetooth and manually connecting.

So I guess, I 'ml looking for some way to make a fast connection, perhaps from the menubar on the Mac to my Airpods, when I want to use them on my Mac

Anyone know of a good way to do this?

I find this feature to be highly unreliable. Just sayin’

There’s an app that helps to switch between audio inputs and outputs.
It’s called Ears ( ).

I had set up keyboard shortcuts to switch outputs.
Maybe this will help.

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You might want to try AirBuddy: