Fastmail setup help?

Hello, after hearing about Fastmail on MPU today, I decided to try it out, but I’m hitting my technical limits. I have a domain that I host through Hover that is currently on Google suite for email. I want to switch it to the Fastmail one. I thought I updated the DNS records correctly, I can provide a screenshot, but I’m not sure that would be a good idea. Do I just need to wait for the DNS records to switch? Do I need to disconnect Google first? What should I do, I’m lost.

Thanks in advance.

If you have replaced the DNS records you were using for Google it is just a waiting game! Depending on the settings they could take up to 24 hours to switch over. Until they do email will keep landing in your Google inbox(es).


Two points:

  1. Make sure you have removed the old MX records that points to Google. As @RosemaryOrchard mentioned it’s a waiting game afterwards.
  2. There is no security concern with posting DNS records, they are actually public with anyone who runs DNS query against your domain. Unless you do not want to reveal your ownership of this domain, which can be hidden from the screenshot.

If things didn’t work out, hit me with a DM, we can do it in a pairing session. Should not take more than 5 minutes.

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I’ve also found Fastmail support to be very helpful whenever I’ve got stuck.

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Hover DNS changes normally replicate very quickly. Mine were working within 5 mins in similar scenario. Do delete the old records pointing to google.

good to know, here is my DNS records, I’m not sure what I did wrong

Have you looked at Fastmail help and FAQ? For example, Might help.

I can see Hover Hosted email in there as well. Too many records. Take the MX and CNAME records with hover in them out and see what happens

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I think I got them all, :crossed_fingers:that this will work

Hover customer service helped me with a similar move to Fastmail. They made it easy.

Hello @iglified I was preparing this reply for you. I recommend removing the highlighted records. I think you already did, just publishing in case things are still not working.

thank you so much everyone! It is active!


Congratulations @iglified!