Faulty HomePod - Apple repair in other country?

I have an Apple HomePod bought in Leicester in the UK in 2018. It has worked fine for years with light use.

But when I returned home from a holiday recently, there was an issue with it. When in use, it gets really really warm out of the top of it. Even when just plugged in it gets warm.

But when in extended use it gets much warmer and the volume + - buttons on the top continue to show and do not go away as they usually would.

I’m not sure how this issue came about. I have tried to reset it many times but the issue persists.

Even though it works alright, it just gets really hot and I’m worried to leave it plugged in when it’s like that.

I live in Denmark and I called the Danish Apple Support and they were not helpful at all since the product is not available for purchase in Denmark.

So now I’m stuck with a faulty HomePod.

Does anyone know if I can ship it for reparation in the UK, for example the Apple Shop I bought it at in Leicester in the UK? Or take it to the Apple Shop in Malmö, Sweden?

I tried to call the UK Apple Support but my call doesn’t go through.

Have you tried a factory reset?
Don’t know why it would matter, but it’s worth a shot.

I would do the “hold your finger on top” reset, remove it from the Home app, then set it up as if new.

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+1 for reset. Did it with one of mine and it has worked flawlessly since

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I think you can get to any Apple Store throughout the world. I had an issue with my French iPhone X in Australia and they recognized my AppleCare coverage and switched it, no questions asked.


Thanks John and @simonsmark I have done several resets like you described. It doesn’t solve the issue unfortunately.

Still the HomePod while connected to power gets warm out of the top and while in use gets very warm and the volume buttons appear constantly. Very strange.

There is no Apple store in Denmark. We have Apple Service Providers which is what I went to today.

However as the HomePod is not sold in Denmark they wouldn’t repair it…

The nearest Apple Store is in Sweden. I could go there but without Apple Care and with a HomePod purchased in July 2018 and the HomePod is not sold in Sweden either, I don’t know if they could help. Probably the same issue as trying to get it repaired here

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just checked mine. I have 2 stereo pairs. I can confirm all of them are warm to the touch and show the + and - signs also in idle mode. They do get even warmer when playing music for a longer time.

Think it is not a defect but standard. The design doesn’t have an external heatsink and there are a lot of components in a small package. See also 2links on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/HomePod/comments/ooh00m/did_147_or_15b3_solve_your_overheating/

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Hmm interesting! It’s just that it gets very very warm indeed. Not just your normal heating. I have a call with senior support assistant at Apple tonight so I’ll report back.

Does yours get slightly warm from just being plugged in as well? Without active use that is

Do you have a way to quantify very very warm? That would be good info.

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I haven’t no. In the Reddit three above someone measured the heat. Not sure how. It’s just unpleasant and stains your hand to rest it there.

The senior apple support guy sent the report to the engineers and they will report back

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Just done some testing in my setup. I have a 24/7 Roon server running to which the HomePods connected with Airplay 2. They are also connected to Apple Music on my Mac so I gather they are constantly being network addressed even when no music is playing. When my Mac is switched off (rarely happens) and if I switch off or disable HomePods as Roon endpoint the volume controls turn dark. Haven’t waited long enough to see if the Homepods actually cool down

@andreasl you might want to look around your network and see if there is an always-on device addressing the HomePods even when idle. As said I have no problems with it but it might make the difference

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Thanks! The issue may have come about around 14.6 and adding an Apple TV 4K 2021 in ARC mode with sound output to the HomePod.

I discussed this with senior Apple Supporter. I’m still waiting to hear back from the engineers at Apple as to what could be the cause. Because it gets way too hot when in active use. It shouldn’t get warm either when idle. Something is amiss with that

But I think you’re completely correct. The HomePod is being activated somehow over the network

Could very well be. The stereo pair on my desk always shows volume controls and are warm/hot. Used by an AppleTV (ARC), Mac (Music app) and Roon Rock server connected 24/7

Stand alone HomePods in the kitchen and bedroom do not show volume controls and also do not feel warm to the touch.

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