Favorite app for keeping a window "Always On Top"?

On my 13" Macbook Pro, I’m constantly finding myself wanting to keep another app “Always on top,” like Drafts while I"m browsing a page.

Some Googling has revealed multiple apps in this space that I’ve never heard of - does anyone have a favorite?


I accidentally flagged this message. There is nothing inappropriate about it. Matter of fact, the reason I’m reading it is because I would like the same thing!


I call up Drafts with a keystroke. Previously I used SwiftText and Curiota, although I can’t recall if they float on top, or just come back with a keystroke.

Can you share the names of the apps you found?

Afloat (which maybe requires you to disable System Integrity Protection…) and Fenêtre (available on the Mac App Store - I couldn’t get the lite version to work)