Favorite Flowchart App

Hi gang -

Wondering what everyone’s fav flowchart app is for Mac. I have MindNode, and love it, but am specifically looking for something to outline decision making processes. OmniGraffle feels like maybe overkill, but maybe it’s the perfect answer. Thought before I dug into it I’d ask for quick suggestions. Thanks!


Maybe Diagrams is what you are looking for. There is a trial version on their website to check if this app suits your needs.

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Take a look at this thread: https://talk.macpowerusers.com/t/thoughts-on-diagramming-applications-omnigrafle-vs-diagrams/22691


Perfect, thank you! This will help a lot.

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I’ve used OmniGraffle for years but now my needs are much simpler so I am using Diagrams (also part of Setapp).

I prefer Draw.io.

  • Browser and desktop versions
  • Free
  • In addition to flowcharting, more drawing types than Diagram (and several others)

That is a drawback to Diagrams - very limited styles. Will take a look at Draw.io.

There’s also Lucidchart and, of course, Keynote can do a great job as well (copying and pasting to wherever a PNG is accepted).

Have a look at Flying Logic.
There are videos, and a free book Thinking with Flying Logic is available.


I’m lazy, but a little interested since my career is moving more towards… Well, using flow charts more :slight_smile:
What makes this software worth the price and the decided inconvenience of their horrible interface?

I get that it’s “enterprise”, and by that standard, it’s practically free; but still!

One thing that I really like about Flying Logic is that it handles the layout for you. I’ve found OmniGraffle and Diagrams much too fiddly; I spend too much time worrying about how my chart looks instead of what it shows. Flying Logic, on the other hand, lets me focus on the content.

I’d check out the videos @JohnAtl linked to above. They show off the best parts of the software.

Sure, I see your point. I saw one video, but it was full of buzzwords and bull with no demo, so I ended up with more questions and a horrible impression of the creator.

For the time being I’ve settled with “Flowchart Designer 3” which is available on iOS/iPadOS but not macOS as far as I can see it.
At the moment I only have light demand on a flowchart app and it gets the job done, is fairly cheap with a one time iAP and the charts look good to me. The UI isn’t the most polished, but it good to use on iPad so far. Maybe sometimes a bit fiddly when it comes to rearranging stuff but again for my simple needs it works fine.

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Looks like there’s a Mac app on the App Store. In Canada, it’s a $10.99 in app purchase.

Not sure which video you watched, but here’s the one I first saw. It’s the one that got me to download the demo.

Once I started working with the app, I watched the Quick Start video and the Four Elements video, which helped me figure out the interface.

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Ok, I’ll give it a try :slightly_smiling_face: