Favorite “Indie” podcasts

What are some folks favorite “Indie” (not part of a network, not well known, just your friends, etc) podcasts? I recently discovered one (I think someone mentioned it here, but not sure) that has AWESOME show notes, not too techy, lots of fun, and I thought “there must be more out there?”.

So I’ll start off: Hemispheric Views


Dirtbag Diaries great outdoors podcast

The Productivity Show by Asian Efficiency

I also enjoy that podcast. And good topic

I have many recommendations but lately I have been enjoying Criminal

I suggest you listen to the two part episodes - 167 and 168

“I think it was around 3:00 a.m., and that’s when I heard a strange man’s voice waking me from sleep.”

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Acquired A Venture Capitalist podcast I would never in a million years think I would find interesting. But, it is! The hosts go super in depth on the origins of companies up to their IPO/acquisition.

Darknet Diaries Fascinating, real stories about physical and digital hacking; True crime for code

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Brilliantly narrated and researched, these are practically audiobooks (18-36 hours) on different times in history (Pharaohs, WWI and II)

The Fundamentalists Interesting discussions between a guy with a PhD in Philosophy and Psychology and a Comedian

Thoughts on Functional Programming Super interesting read throughs of the past Turing Award winning works.

Metamuse Related conversations to the world of the Muse app

Syntax.fm the frontend development podcast

The Drive Hands down, the most information dense but still interesting podcast on medical research (diet, weight loss, exercise, depression, etc.)

Synthetic a Priori no longer updating but unique podcast on the nature of extracting ideas into projects; related to Christopher Alexander’s work and it’s applications towards software development

Are these Indy enough? I figured it just meant ones not part of a podcast network

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+1 for Darknet Diaries => great topics and storytelling

That Creative Life by Sara Dietschy => great guests and conversations

WTF with Marc Maron Been listening for a long time. Keeps on surprising me with good conversations. If you are new start with episode 1000 and then selectively chose guests you want to hear from

The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show

Surveillance Report by Techlore Great source for security info

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+1 for Darknet Diaries - Well done podcast
Also if you enjoy Hardocore History, make sure to pickup the feeds for Hardcore History Addendum, which are episodes Dan Carlin produces around a single topic that doesn’t fit into his much bigger shows. Also Dan Carlin’s Common Sense which he doesn’t update often, but is always a good listen.
Smartless is one that is non-tech related but is entertaining IF the guest is of interest to you.

Revolutions Podcast by Mike Duncan, and also his old podcast, The History of Rome