Favorite on-line meeting scheduler?

What’s your favorite place to go to have people select times for a meeting?

I’ve got to set up some meetings with people across 3 timezones and would rather not play email tag for very long.

  • Everyone loved Doodle, but those eventually grew so cumbersome with people providing pages and pages of options to go through.
  • Outlook (which we use at work) has a scheduler within it, though I’ve never used it.
  • A lot of people talk well of Calendly, though I’ve not used it.
  • I made a shortcut called “When can I meet?” that puts a list of open 30 minute time slots on my clipboard that I share with people to pick from.

I used to use Fantastical’s Openings for this, but now I’m just using Google’s Appointment schedule feature.

For me, that works well, and it saves me the Fantastical subscription.

For those not in the Google universe, I actually think Fantastical’s the best option for Mac users. It’s less expensive than Doodle, for instance, and it does more. (It looks a lot better, too.)

I’ve seen Calendly used quite a bit.

Also WhenWorks that I believe @RosemaryOrchard has a hand in: free for up to five schedulings per month IIRC

I use Fantastical. Several times a month, often enough that I have the link programmed in the Mac’s Text Replacement. And this service has been recommended to me as well:


Thread here on why I like it.

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Cal.com. Can self host too, but I just use the free plan.