February 2019 Software Deals

Right now Newegg.com has 12-Month Microsoft Office 365 Home (PC/Mac Key code-download) for $49.99 when you click “GET THE CODE” coupon. (They also had the boxed version with free shipping at the same price if you add coupon-code EMCTVTV34, but that product is currently out of stock.)

Note, this is a 12-month subscription for up to 6 people with 1TB OneDrive cloud storage per person

This is a 12-month subscription for up to 6 people with 1TB OneDrive cloud storage per person

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Unfortunately this is coming up as $79.99 as opposed to $49.99. Still not a bad deal…

Hmm. It worked this morning. The one-person variant does come up at NewEgg for $49.99 right now though.

PayPal’s digital gift card store once again has $100 iTunes gift cards (good for movies, music, games, audiobooks and books, but not Apple hardware) on sale for $85, with coupon-code emailed within a few minutes of purchase:

Calendar 366 is on sale for $1.99. It’s an excellent calendar app; the MacStories guys are using the iOS version.

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The iOS version of Calendar 366 is also $1.99

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Courtesy of @Dave_Palmer

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Bundlehunt.com is back again. After $5 service unlock, apps are as cheap as $1. Lots of nice deals going on - EagleFiler (like KeepIt or DevonThink) is $3 (I

bundlehunt.com is back - after a $5 unlock fee there are lots of utilities and apps for as little as $1.

For example I see that EagleFiler (shoebox/editing app like KeepIt or DevonThink) is just $3 - I paid ten times that in 2016, I think.

Aurora HDR 2018 is temporarily free via this link as part of a Digital Camera World promotion.

OmniGroup to raise prices March 1

So in March when you look back, it will seem like a February sale. (There’s a Bayesian joke in there somewhere.)


DreamShot manages screenshots on iOS and Mac.

Both apps currently free, though the Mac version has several 99¢ IAPs for sharing with Twitter, sharing with email, sharing with Facebook, etc.

iOS app:

Mac app:

StackSocial has a bundle featuring Fantastical, PDF Expert, iStats Menus and more for $29.99

And right now you can get 15%-off with coupon-code SEMIANNUAL

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Got an email from Ergonis about 50%-off PopChar (which I’ve had on my Mac for decades[?]):

(Sale link)

Wow, that bundle is great. I had always hesitated to buy a better calendar app and a designated Pdf app, since I get along with the built-in apps. But now I finally get both (plus more) for a very fair price.
And I really hate the built-in calendar.

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Update: you can now get 25%-off instead with coupon-code DOWNLOADIT for a final price of $22.50 for Fantastical 2, PDF Expert, Flux 7, Pagico 8, Command Tab Plus, iStat Menus 6, iLocker Pro, and Ultdata Recovery

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Great deal just for iStat Menu and Fantastical ! I think PDF Expert by Readdle is pretty good. I have been eyeing that.

Does anyone use the included „iLocker“? It looks pretty professional, but I don’t really see the use case (for me).

I tried Command Tab Pro and it doesn’t click. I like that you can customize its look and feel but as an app switcher, I’m still not convinced it’s better than the Default.