February 2020 Sales and Hardware/Software Deals

Free Mac OCR scanner just released on Mac App Store. “All processing is done on the Mac itself and your image data never leaves your Mac. 100% private.” Requires macOS Catalina.

Earth 3D for Mac down again to $0.99 (with inexpensive IAPs for things like political map). Price usually bounces around between this price and $2.99

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Anyone got any suggestions on where to buy a license for Microsoft Office. Not really into paying for 365 since its purely for personal use.

I was using the HUP to buy licenses but discovered this summer that they have discontinued single license purchases through the program. Just wanting to get a new license for my wife (she is on Office '11) but don’t feel like spending $150 if I don’t have to.

Check the deals sites. 365 offers best bang-for-the-buck, with 1Tb storage thrown in.

Lowest price I’ve seen now for the 365 products is Newegg: $69.99 for one-year of the 365 Personal Edition, $99.99 for the Home Edition (good for up to 6 people, with 1Tb storage per person, offering premium versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote and Outlook).

Best savings are around Black Friday; for the last few years Amazon has offered 12 months of Microsoft Office 365 Home for $100, with $50 Amazon GC/credit.

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Yeah. Unfortunately we don’t use Office enough to justify the subscription in my mind but since '11 is 32-bit figured its time to upgrade. I’m sure pages would be fine but I think its just a preference thing at this point. Sucks that HUP went away because it was nice buying $15 licenses.

Hey, I also went 365 because it’s so hard to find something that’s not. But I was able to get it at a decent discount on Amazon. Forget exact price, but it was something like 20% off and then using my amazon credit card it was another 5% off

If you’re in the market for Powerbeats Pro, they’re currently 20% off on Amazon

This week 15% off iTunes gift cards once you log in with your Costco account.

Elgato Stream Deck XL - Advanced Stream Control with 32 customizable LCD keys on sale at Amazon for $200 (usually $250).

Same price at Best Buy too.

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Multi-window/split-screen iPhone web browser (up to 4 windows) - app just temporarily went free, down from $2.99:


CleanMyMac X is 20% off for Valentine’s Day. It’s My absolute favorite app for finding, cleaning up, & reclaiming space on your Mac

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Anker 60W PIQ 3.0 & GaN Tech Dual Port PowerPort Atom III USB C Charger for $28.15, down from $42.99

Has a a USB-C PowerIQ 3. 0 port and a USB-A PowerIQ 2. 0 port, allowing for simultaneous 45W and 15W charging.


DesktopLyrics (Catalina-only) now free in the MAS, down from $6.99:

iTunes just dropped the price of the 26-episode anime series COWBOY BEBOP to $4.99:

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this is a great anime series, a no brainer at that price :smiley:

Yes! it was at that price last July for a week (when I got it), but after that it’s been $53.99 until today.

Raskin for Mac (an alternative desktop interface) just had its v2.0 update released in the Mac App Store, price set to free. (Oddly, it’s still listed on the dev’s website as free d/l but a $9.99 price.) Online manual here.

One of Amazon’s Deals of the Day, the Logitech solar K750 is at an all-time low of $37.50:


Interesting that Raskin has been revived after four or five years. V2 crashes just as reliably as v1 did five years ago.

Ha. :rofl: Haven’t played with it yet. At least it’s free!