February 2022 Hardware/Software Sales and Deals

TL;DR Mobile Browser for the menu bar. Found this per accident on MenubarX - A powerful Mac menu bar browser, pin webpage like an App | Product Hunt The premium / pro feature is currently free: ‎MenubarX on the App Store (Also, testing it currently, so this is by no means an endorsement :slight_smile: )


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Syncs across devices with iCloud & lots of stats

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Huh? That deal ($1.99) was in Nov-2021, but it’s Feb-2022 (and $4.99) now.

So it’s not a sale now, or is it?

Didn’t notice the Black Friday sale, I just got a notification on the app that there’s an ongoing 60%. I don’t know if they forgot to turn that off or its still available.

Removing since its no longer active.

Target has the magic keyboard UK version on sale

Nice find. Great app! Thanks

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Tinderbox and Hook is on sale until the 2nd of March (Tinderbox 50$ off, Hook 30% off). More info → Tinderbox-Hook Promo – Hook

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FYI, March is up March 2022 Hardware/Software Sales and Deals - #13 by r2d2

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