Fed up with Apple, got an Android device

I’ve been an Apple user since before the Mac. I got a first generation iPhone, iPad and Watch. I tell people if you cut me, my blood would contain Apple logo shaped corpuscles.
But I’ve also been a VR enthusiast for about the same length of time. I’m done waiting for Apple to get their VR/AR act together, and managed to snag an Oculus Quest which arrived today.
And, apparently it’s an Android device at heart. Sigh.
So far, I am really enjoying it. I’d love to hear Apple ecosystem tips from any other Oculus Quest users.
If this causes an early announcement of Apple Glasses or whatever at WWDC, I’ll be happy to have taken one for the team :slight_smile:


didn’t think I’d run into clickbait on the MPU forums lol


Aaaahhhh guilty as charged!


All the Nintendo Switch owners are in a similar situation! (Sort of.)


Haven’t been bitten by that one yet :slight_smile:

I’d be curious to see if you’re still using it in six months. From what I saw and tested, the only « real » apps (games) worth investing into VR are only coming now (Half Life Alyx, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil) on PC and the rest is impressive demos that have no lasting use. I’m happy for Apple to take their time in doing AR right.

(On a side note, as far as I’m concerned, the day I buy an Oculus device is when Facebook has died a bloody death.)


I’m still of the opinion that VR is dead in the water. It has very few compelling use cases, and those for the most part aren’t consumer/home user use cases.

I would not invest in VR hardware right now. Everything on the market will be obsolete before the format takes off, if it ever does, which I doubt.


In 2008 I was told there’s a ten year boom / bust cycle in virtual technologies. I’ve been involved since 2006, don’t see that stopping. But I got started with Sentinel on BBC Micro - fantastic little virtual world lumpy chessboard, populated by the evil Sentinel and his minions, sucking the life out of you to turn into trees - primitive but full of promise for the future that is now.

Apple is one of the few holdouts in global economy that harvests/exploits data on every last move we make with our devices. Google is the inventor of this practice and Android is the industry leader in this regard. Buyers beware.


I’m not surprised Apple has taken it’s time with VR. They tend to avoid being the first in the market with a new type of technology (MP3 player, smartphone, tablet), but then they see what works and what doesn’t work, and release something that simply crushes the competition.

They have just taken too long over this.

I’d be surprised if Apple ever enters VR gaming hardware themselves. I could see an MFI VR program. I realize that Apple has a director of VR, not just AR, and teams and patents working on it, but I’d still be surprised.

I am really excited about their AR initiatives, though, mostly having to do with AirPods, but I could be won over by an excellent approach to glasses.

It would be a mistake. None of the major content producers (movies, games) are investing in the content because the hardware hasn’t hit critical mass. Use of VR hardware is in decline, as is frequency of VR title launches.

You might still see the occasional AAA game add VR support in an update, but most of the publishers got burned bad even on low risk VR game conversions (Fallout 4 VR comes to mind).

There’s not enough uptake of the hardware. It’s intrusive, expensive, and offers poor reward for all the many inconveniences and compromises of using it. Without VR gaming, VR doesn’t have a mainstream market, and VR gaming is extremely niche.

I do not see Apple making VR headsets when there’s no compelling use case.

Oculus can’t get people to buy their hardware. I know people that were excited to buy Oculus devkits when they first became available, but none that have been plugged in for over twelve months.

Sony/PlayStation can’t get people to buy PSVRs and those they have sold don’t get used. The PSVR section of the PS4 online store was once prominent and its quietly been sequestered to a far less prominent position.

VR is gaming’s 3D TV, sounds good on paper, but it’s actually just kinda bad, and not much fun when the novelty wears off.

Very few people are going to sit at home wearing hardware that excludes their friends and family, and that doesn’t actually enhance the experience beyond the initial novelty.

Just like nobody will get home in the evening and put on giant ski-goggle things to interact with MS Hololens. Just like nobody wanted to deal with Google Glass.

Hell Google Cardboard exists, which is effectively free, and still people won’t use it.

Interesting tech. Zero compelling use cases for home consumers.

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Anything else besides Pokemon Go out there? :smiley: Some gaming enthusiasts are into it, some industrial applications… VR/AR is essentially dead in the water.

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I feel like VR is the sort of technology that’s going to have an unexpected application for something else bizarre in the future. All that work with image processing and display tech and that sort of thing feel like it has to be useful somewhere - but I agree that it probably isn’t the “giant ski goggles” thing.

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I had an Oculus Rift for a few years and it was spectacular. What I was surprised by was that it was a social app that I used the most. AltspaceVR was really heavily used up front and was fun. You could go to comedy shows, lectures, make art together, and even just play games like Cards Against Humanity which I spent too many nights doing!. They lost funding briefly and closed down and everybody fled but when it was saved and brought back it didn’t seem like many people came back.

I loved a few games: The Climb and RoboRecall were my favorites and really exciting. I had a few more but those two were the real standouts. These games worked because of the Oculus Touch controllers where you could actually move your fingers and grab/shoot/interact. I had used other technology where you just pushed sticks around and it wasn’t the same.

Ultimately I sold everything. First of all I was sure Facebook was stealing my brainwaves. But more practically it required a whole PC, all of the wires, and an entire space to have walled off to play and I hate having too many things. Now knowing the tech has potential I was more than willing to sell it all and wait for Apple to bring AR to the masses. That was awhile ago and I’m willing to wait longer. The Quest and other wireless headsets fix all of my practical concerns with the gear, but then you still have the issue with Facebook.

Looking forward to the Glasses to come out and I think the wait will be worth it once it matures. Thanks for sharing your experience, Diane! Definitely check out The Climb if you’re not afraid of heights!


I’ve used VR at a sort of VR arcade place, and I feel like that’s the market where it really makes sense for gaming, due to the large amount of expensive equipment required, the large amount of dedicated space required, and the limited amount of time you typically want to spend per session.

Apple have effectively locked themselves out of the VR space (not AR) by not shipping Macs with powerful graphics hardware. I doubt they’re losing sleep over it though, for the reasons above.

Sony has sold around 5 million PSVR units as of January. The several PSVR groups I’m a part of are active as hell, so I couldn’t disagree with your take more. It’s awesome, especially for a first gen console product, and I am still impressed with it having had it since launch to the point that I rarely play flat games anymore. Most people writing it off like you have seemingly never used it.


And yet your numbers essentially prove my point. Socialising enthusiasts are an echo chamber, but 5 million units is a tiny fraction in terms of penetration (like a couple of percent), and of course some of them are still in regular use.

Your experience isn’t representative.

Nobody’s making a AAA video game for a market that is now a fraction of 5 million people.

VR is dead in the water.

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I agree with you here. Like how you can buy laser game setups for use at home but you’re gonna go to laser quest if you actually wanna do it in an enjoyable way.