Feedly and Pocket Communication

During my normal morning routine of checking Feedly and then saving the ones I want by sending them to Pocket. All my apps are updated as of this morning. But I can no longer send articles from Feedly to Pocket. It seems that unless I upgrade my account to Feedly ($6/mo) then I can get the option again. Anyone else having this issue?

Trying to verify whether it’s an actual account issue or an iOS 14 glitch. It started happening this morning.

Never mind…did some more digging…it looks like Feedly has changed. You can only save to Instapaper, Evernote or Pocket, if you have a Pro or Pro+ account.

Any other suggestions for a Feedly alternative?

Inoreader’s free version has pocket as a sharing option.

What I usually do myself is skim through the articles in reeder and share to my read it later spot (in my case safari default reading list)

I like Reeder 4 quite well. You can save to Pocket using the share sheet (Reeder also has its own Read Later list).

It can use Feedly for the backend.

It’s not free, but it’s not expensive, and it’s a one-time purchase. If memory serves it’s $9.99 for the Mac and $4.99 for mobile.

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I’m using Feedly Classic. It’s the older version of Feedly, and I think it’s still available in the App Store. It still allows the user to save directly to Pocket. That’s my exact workflow.

How are you sending things in to Pocket from Feedly? I just click the standard ‘share sheet’ button (in the row of icons at the top right of the article I’m reading) and share from there. Works for me (iPadOS 14).

I used to be able to do that and now Pocket no longer shows up. If I click the 3 dot menu, it now asks me to “add integrations” and prompts me to subscribe.

This is why I switched back to Feedly Classic. I believe the new version of Feedly lost Pocket integration without a subscription or some kind of payment. It still works the old way in Feedly Classic, which is a different app than Feedly. In Feedly Classic, click on the menu button and go to settings. There you can then select Pocket as your Favorite Sharing Tool.

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In my feedly app, I have the standard ‘share sheet’ button to the left of the ‘three dots’ button - and I can share to pocket from there. (I’m not paying for feedly, so I don’t have any integrations enabled.)

I’m not running the classic feedly app, but the current one - version 80.0

I’m using free Feedly as my syncing service and I’m currently using Reeder as my iOS / Mac app. You can even add a Pocket account into Reeder so that you can use it as a Pocket client and read everything in one place. I prefer the Reeder’s UI so it’s a win-win. it’s really great for RSS+Pocket combo.

Then there’s NetNewsWire that can also sync with Feedly and it has great Mac and iOS apps, and it’s free and open source. But I don’t think there’s specific Pocket integration, although I kinda like the Pocket’s share sheet on iOS; very quick to add tags etc, so I kinda prefer it when it comes to adding stuff in. So you could just use the native share sheet.

There’s also a MPU RSS-episode discussing options.

I really love Feedly for giving reliable RSS syncing service for free, but I really don’t find the paid version worth it.