Feedly Pro+ experiences?

As one of the first 5,000 backers of Feedly I have a ($99) lifetime Pro plan since August 2013. That turned out to be a good deal (for me). However, recently they introduced a new Pro+ plan, which is currently for sale for $99/year ($144/year regular price). Turns out they have an offer for people with a lifetime Pro plan to upgrade to a lifetime Pro+ plan via a single $99 purchase.

Feedly Pro+ features that I’m interested in (but not sure whether they add value):

  • Twitter feeds
  • Reddit feeds
  • Newsletters
  • A.I. (Leo)

Unfortunately there is no Pro+ trial, so I can’t test this functionality myself, before buying.

Are there any MPU listeners that use Feedly Pro+ and want to share their experience?

PS 1: I user Reeder to read my feeds on iPhone, iPad, and Mac; I only use the Feedly website to organise feeds - is all Pro+ functionality available in third party Apps, for reading?

PS 2: They gifted/grandfathered mute filters, so I already enjoy those in my Pro plan!

My thought: you’ve more than gotten your money’s worth from that one-time purchase, and paying another $99 would help the business’s continued operations and still be a bargain even if you didn’t use extra features.

FYI I get those features through NewsBlur, which is probably the cheapest of the RSS services at $36/yr, so if I were in your had the option you do I’d jump unhesitatingly.

Do you use them? How?

For me I use Feedbin and they have the ability to subscribe to Twitter users, searches, hashtags, etc… Not sure about Reddit. Anyway, I use it so I can follow specific users, and searches, and then categorize those into subsections of Twitter so I don’t have to open Twitter and get lost down a rabbit hole.

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Thanks. Do you still use Twitter or only Feedbin?

My goal is to only use Feedbin (totally possible) but I still use Twitter from time to time.

I’m a Feedly Pro user. I absolutely love being able to subscribe to Reddit boards and Twitter feeds. I find their Twitter UI a bit weird but that’s probably due to the limitations with Twitter more than anything else. I’ve used the Newsletter feature some but I found I wasn’t really reading them much and ended up just marking read. So I moved my Newsletters back to my Fastmail account to be more intentional.

The Leo thing is much more weird and not something I’ve figured out yet. I only follow around 300 feeds currently, so maybe it’s not for me. But all the other features are worth it and I have to use a Windows computer at work and keeps a Feedly tab open all day to keep up with the news. So much faster than Twitter and easy to separate the good stuff from all the noise.

Also I was a Feedbin user for a while but I moved back to Feedly because I liked their UI for the web as I use that much more than any app. Still trying to decide on an iPhone/iPad app to use as my daily driver though. Anyone have any advice to what they prefer, let me know. I’m currently jumping back and forth between NetNewsWire, Reeder, and the Feedly app itself.

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