Field Debugging Office

Trying to debug attaching a bluetooth scale to LambTracker. In the sheep handling system where the scale is.

Not my inside office but one I am in frequently.



Like the iPad case, I have a similar one!

Actually it’s not an iPad, it’s a Kindle Fire. LambTracker is Android based because bluetooth on Apple systems is locked down into using only approved hardware and only after you get Apple’s blessing. Since my husband designs and makes the bluetooth device interfaces for both the EID tag reader and tnow the scale that was a non-starter for us.

And as is typical, no code survives first contact with the sheep. I got the scale working only to lose the connection to the EID reader. My fault, I forgot to properly initialize the EID service drivers. We ran the sheep through using look up sheep to find the sheep so I could be sure of their name, then switching back to evaluate sheep and look them up by name, which was working, evaluate and so on. Found several bugs in LookUpSheep too. Can’t look for a sheep that has a space in his name. I have a sheep named Yoda Two and it kept finding the original Yoda sheep. Ended up using his farm tag number to find him. A couple of display things switching button colors to denote status are not working properly and the previous and next sheep buttons didn’t work this time, for an as yet unknown reason. Took almost twice as long but I got my required weights and the evaluations done on adult rams.

Still have to do ewes. We’re deciding who is going to slaughter for tooth or other issues, who is now up for sale as we cut back due to drought and who we will keep.

Is the code for Lookupsheep something you can edit or is it closed? Sorry, not that familiar with Android devices or sheep :grin:

Totally editable since I wrote it

But always looking for more open source programmers to join in…