Figured out how to get out of frozen app on iPhone X

It’s rare these days, but sometimes an App on my iPhone X completely freezes. (I’m looking at you, car app Automatic.) It’s moments like these I really miss the Home button. No amount of sliding, pulling or pinching will get me out of the app. And the physical buttons are of no use either, unless I want to take a screenshot of my misery.

i finally figured out the most simple answer:
“Hey Siri, launch [name of any other app]”

The other app is launched, and then I can go into card mode and close the offending app.

Hope this helps out someone else!


You can force restart an iPhone X using the buttons:

Chris - great point. I should have been more clear. Prior to figuring out my Siri hack, my only recourse was to restart the whole phone, per the instructions above. Thanks!

I find if I try to power down the iPhone whilst stuck in an app, I can then cancel it and exit the app - but your trick sounds faster!

Does it happen only with Automatic?

That I can remember, yes. I’m sure something else has frozen up on me, but most other apps just crash at that point.