File syncing (in 2022! as is the fashion to say now)

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Thanks for pointing this out!

I just round-tripped a Curio project (a bundle), and it worked okay. It appears as a folder on, and on my phone. Downloaded from as a .zip, unpacked, and Curio opened it fine. It does make me wonder about other attributes that might not be saved, such as tags, etc.

Hm. Just tagged a file with ‘Red’ in my Box folder, and it untagged it, so I guess extended attributes don’t play well.

My main use for Box is to sync .org files among by devices for Emacs org mode and Beorg. iCloud didn’t seem to do a good job, and I just don’t like having files stowed away in a weird ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/com.etc.etc.etc. folder where I’m not sure if they are being backed up, etc.

After using Resilio Sync for a while, and having a few snafus with it, I’m trying SyncThing to sync (non-cloudy) folders between devices. It seems to be working well. Two caveats

  • there seems to be only an unofficial iOS client, Möbius Sync, but I just need between-computer sync.
  • No official package for Synology NAS’, but a Docker image is available (haven’t tried it yet).

Yeah, they’re all “perfectly adequate.”


Oh man, I’m having flashbacks.

I keep thinking I should look into alternatives to the syncing service I use now … but no, I don’t think I’m strong enough.


synocommunity has a Syncthing package for my model; search here:

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I’ll have to look at NextCloud. It does look polished.
Syncthing doesn’t have iOS support, except through Mobius, which hasn’t had an update for 9 months.

As stated above, I’m using Syncthing, and also using it to copy files around from Box’s folder ~/Library/CloudStorage/Box-Box/org on my Macs to ~/org on my Manjaro box, but not loving it. It works, but seems fragile.

I’d also just like to put folders where I want them, but that’s a Box, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, et al. thing.

I installed Nextcloud on my Synology NAS. So far so good. Sync is really fast. They have a lot of interesting apps that can be added for notes, kanban, etc.
While sync is fast, the apps (through a web browser) were a bit slow. I reduced the amount of logging to take care of that and things are running well. I might dedicate my dust-gathering Raspberry Pi to this task (why not, right?) [Procedure]. I don’t really want to run a service on my iMac Pro, though of course that is doable too [Procedure].

This procedure got me through most of it on the Synology. Marius’ website is the place to go for Synology setup procedures.