Filemaker - Still the king of custom Automation (in my humble opinion)

Thank you bring up Filemaker as a topic. I purchase a couple of years ago my problem is how to use it. Can anyone make any recommendations on learning to use this to build a custom database I currently use Access on windows platform for some customer databases I created and do not know where to start to try to redesign them in Filemaker?

Are you thinking of redesigning the database - i.e. the tables and connections etc.? Or importing the database and creating new layouts in FM? The latter is fairly easy; the former requires knowing a lot more about your use case, issues with the current schema etc.

Ahhh Filemaker, way back I was certified for FM 3 :blush:
Used it in my sales jobs as a data vacuum cleaner. Sucking up all the various sourses of data and put it to good use.

Would love to use it again but I need a purpose to dive into it again.

drlittmann - I’m interested in learning more about your medical documentation workflows. I am a PT myself and have multiple constraints with note writing due in part to the nature of my company’s web-based documentation system. I make regular use of quite a few common utilities (TextExpander, RescueTime, IFTTT, etc) but always open to further optimization. Do you have any specific workflows posted anywhere or that you’d be willing to share?