Filming with iPhone

This may have been covered so feel free to refer me to the correct thread.

I am entering the world of filming with my iPhone. If I use the rear cameras (iPhone XS), I can’t see what I’m filming, how I’m framed. Is there a process for showing me on a Mac or iPad, placed next to the camera, what the iPhone camera sees?

That is an interesting question.

There is a multicam feature in iOS, but that unfortunately only means that multiple cameras of a particular device can be used simultaneously:

That is not what you are going for. I was able to find this question:

Somebody suggested this app over there as a screen mirror in order to achieve that:

Maybe, somebody else has a better idea. I would love to be able to just use my iPad as a monitor for my iPhone’s camera, too. :slight_smile:

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Do you own an Apple Watch?


You guys are awesome! :slight_smile: I do own an Apple Watch and was using it as a remote to start and stop the camera. It was right there! On my wrist! All the time! :joy:

And I’ll also look into the other solutions too, it’d be handy to see it on a bigger screen. I was hoping sidecar would work. Not yet apparently.


If you have an iPad you can use filmic pro. The camera can record your video and the companion app can be your large reference monitor. I think it’s the best paid video camera.


Yes, you can do it just with a lightening cable and Quicktime player which should already be on your Mac.

  • Connect phone to Mac with cable,
  • start quick time player on the Mac,
  • from File menu choose New Movie Recording,
  • there’s a dropdown next to the record button on the Mac, select your iPhone from the list.

You’ll see your phones screen on a window of the Mac so you can open the phones camera and record on the phone as normal but now you’ll be able to see it on the mac’s screen too.


Thanks guys, downloading Filmic Pro. I’ll report back! :smiley:
I’ve likely done this in the most ungainly way possible, even pulling the vintage iPhone SE out of mothballs to take this photo!
The iPad uses its camera as viewfinder (maybe I can adjust that, this is straight out if the “box”) but it’s definitely what I was after!