Final Cut - Worth It?

Hearing the guys talk about Final Cut on the most recent podcast makes me wonder if I’d be better served by Final Cut than Screenflow for the (typically admittedly basic) video editing I do.

Some things (ripple delete, waveform visualization, etc.) would almost certainly work better in FC. And the tools in Screenflow don’t handle large files that well, at least in my experience. I feel like I could use something more juiced up.

But by the same token, FC is $300 - and with the age of the current app I’m always nervous that Apple will pull the “we’re releasing a new version next year - it’ll be full price again” sort of thing.

What are y’all’s thoughts?

Have you tried DaVinci Resolve?
It’s a pro editing app and free.

I’ve tried FCP during the lockdown last year with the 90-days trial and I love it because it’s Mac native but with my current workflow (basic needs or edit a video once or twice a year) it’s just not worth spending $300. Sometimes, I even use LumaFusion since I find it much easier to edit videos with an Apple Pencil.


That’s an interesting option - didn’t realize there was a free version to play with. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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PSA, If you’re a student (or teacher I believe), then you can get a killer education bundle for $200 which includes Logic, FCP, Motion, MainStage, and Compressor.

Education Bundle


Yes, teachers get it too.

I personally feel confident that Apple will continue iterating FCP and have no intention of charging for a new release; that doesn’t seem like their current business model to me.


There were some (unsubstantiated) rumors that Apple would switch to subscription pricing for FCP. I just started a YouTube channel several months ago and have been using FCPX and loving it. I already had a copy which I purchased as a student years ago, but never really used it. I have fairly extensive experience in ScreenFlow and dabbled in DaVinci Resolve - I definitely prefer FCP to them all. I was able to follow a SkillShare course and get my first video edited in a single day.