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I haven’t looked on Find My app in a long time cause I haven’t needed it. I checked it last night cause I’m thinking about getting Airtags and just wanted to see what it looks like. I don’t understand why I see my wife’s phone and my daughters phone on it and they can see my stuff also. I want to set it up like it use to be everyone has there own app. The only think I can think of is that we started a family shared account. Is there anyway to stop everyone from seeing everything?



¹ I mean, I suppose it’s theoretically possible, but I tend to pay fairly close attention to this sort of thing, and I’ve never heard of one even being hinted at, so I feel comfortable saying that it is not possible. Presumably Apple considers this a feature so that family members can help find each other’s stuff – except, ironically, AirTags.

I have Family setup (me and my wife). I have in “Find My” app “Share My Location” toggled off. I did same on my wife’s phone. As of right now, my wife it out and about in town and her location not showing up on my iPhone. As intended. Whether it was fully due to my setup or other (wife could turn off her iPhone I guess), I don’t see her location and I trust she does not see mine.

Your mileage may differ.

What @rms said.

I have the Family plan and the same settings for “Find My” and “Share My Location”. I am not sure if “Find My” and “Share My Location” are on by default when a Family Plan is set up, but they can certainly be turned off.

agreed with @anon41602260 and @rms
We have a family plan, but I have location sharing turned off for me and my wife, but not the kids.

Thanks everyone. I will turn it off. But say you lose something, how can I login in on someone else’s phone to find it ? Just go to

You would indeed

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