Find podcast advertiser promo codes- not trying to cheat!

Every once in awhile I need to buy software or a product that I believe has sponsored a podcast, such as Mac Power Users - but not in the last few episodes. I’d love to search to see if there is a promo code from a place like RelayFM. Both because I love a deal, but more importantly, to give the people I listen to the credit.

(in this case it is Screen Flow, and my company will be paying, so it’s really just about getting the credit to the podcast world.)

Is that something that is centralized anywhere?

And of course, I don’t want to do anything unethical or shady. Only looking for above-board solutions!

Current Relay sponsors are listed here:


Thanks, very helpful!!!

Well, that would have saved me so much effort many times in the past. :joy: Instead I would try to think back to which Relay show it was (I listen to so many) then start clicking through show notes.

Great tip!!!

lol just boosting those play numbers up :rofl:

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