Finder Crashes several times a day since Mojave Install

Since installing macOS Mojave I have experienced 5-6 finder crashes per day. Cannot seem to find root cause. Anyone else dealing with this?

First the obvious, did you install or update any programs lately? Try uninstalling them. I am running Mojave 10.14.2 and just had an issue where my bluetooth connections were going crazy. My keyboard, mouse and trackpad on my iMac would just disconnect and reconnect randomly. I tracked down the problem via the Google machine, it lead me to the Apple community support website for my solution. Last week I installed the program Android File Transfer (AFT) as I was helping a friend troubleshoot getting photos off her LG phone onto her MacBook. Once I uninstalled AFT my bluetooth returned to normal. As a side note I was wary of AFT when I went to download it from the Android website and the Mac download listed only OS X 10.7 as a requirement. So AFT hasn’t been updated lately. AFT also is NOT a well behaved program. Before I installed AFT I was able to use Commander One (a Finder replacement) and see the LG phone mounted as a hard drive and was able to pull photos from it. After I installed AFT, Commander One couldn’t see the LG phone anymore. After I removed AFT, Commander One worked again.

Did you do a clean install or did you upgrade?

If you upgraded: did it upgrade your disc to APFS?
If so, over on the Mac Geek Gab podcast there have been many reports on this causing either disc issues or OS wonkiness.

Maybe you could try a nuke&pave?

I converted to APFS with High Sierra and I am now on Mojave, and have not had a single issue with APFS.

Finder plug-ins such as XtraFinder, TotalFinder are nothing but trouble.

Sadly true. I really want to buy and use TotalSpaces2 but I’m scared away by the possibility of increased macOS fragility, but the deal-killer is that with the latest OS versions one needs to turn off System Integrity Protection for the app to run.