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If iPad could do this, it would be very cool


This demo is very well done, but it gives me a claustrophobic feeling. I prefer more explicitly transitioned view switching. In practice, I think some of those gestures would be confusing.

I do hope we will get the ability to do three windows in Safari plus an overlay. And I think I would be okay with three split view apps on the 12.9” Pro, but I’d want them to work the way they do now.

Drag and drop between apps that “just works” would obviously be welcome.

I think this is interesting, but I tend to agree with @Wolfie. On my 12.9" Pro, I could envision having three apps on screen like this video depicts (at first), and, perhaps, a “bento box” layout of 4 quarter-sized windows. I’m not lobbying for either of these options, but I could envision that being useful, especially combined with slide over and picture-in-picture. That’s quite a lot of activity you could have on screen.

I am a big fan of the current windowing model. I find split-screen + slide over to be a very functional way to work. Plus, I don’t find the gestures to switch windows in and out to be bothersome. What I would like is

  1. the ability to have multiple instances of an app so that I could have, for example, MS Word paired with PDF Expert and an instance paired with Notes; and

  2. the ability to have multiple tabs in an app and Safari like split view for every app.

Nothing I’ve written here is to take a shot at an interface model that you, @tonycapp, would find useful. I just thought I’d take the opportunity to play on the concept of interface improvements generally.


OK, so in Settings->General->Multitasking & Dock-> Gestures it says:

Use four or five fingers to:
Pinch to the Home Screen
Swipe up to the App Switcher
Swipe left or right between apps

On my iPad the first two seem to be reversed. Anyone else?

Same for me.

On my 12.9” iPad Pro if I start a 4 or 5 finger pinch with my thumb off of the screen it will occasionally take me to the app switcher rather than the home screen. If my thumb is on the screen when I start the pinch I’ll get the home screen.

With a 4 or 5 finger swipe up, it always starts by taking me to the app switcher, but if I go further it will take me to the home screen (similar to swiping up from the bottom of the screen except you don’t get the dock first).

Okay, this is a lot more intuitive with Reduce Motion turned off. With RM on, four or five finger swipe up goes to task switcher no matter how far up you swipe. A second swipe up on the task switcher takes you to home.
With RM off, it behaves as you said, and you get visual cues as to where you’ll be (home or task switcher) when you stop swiping.

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