Finder Issue(s)

Has anyone seen this in Finder where it thinks your entire startup volume is empty and can be purged? In fact, I have around 400GB in my user folder and around 150GB in others. Observed this in Ventura 13.6, just updated to 13.6.1 this morning and it’s still there.
Only the latest in a string of Finder issues. Finder seems to go the way of Ethernet. It sticks around, is usable, but does not get any love. Apple seems to prefer us storing all of our files in apps and in the Cloud.

Purgeable means space that macOS thinks it can reclaim if needed, I would say for example the contents of the Trash, and “optimized” iCloud stuff like Photos, Files, and Music.

This post explains things a little more. And yes, it is confusing but it does not necessarily mean that the good old Finder is not working as it should, it’s what macOS thinks about the available disk space on that volume.

Thank you, @pantulis - I am aware of that. My point was that the ENTIRE disk was reported as free. In other words, according to macOS, the entire disk was empty once I purged the purgeable space.
I had observed this over the last 48 hours, but this morning, it had come to its senses (without me doing anything). Oh well.

Reminds me of another scary Finder bug, when you click into your Documents folder and all files and folders are gone. DaisyDisk and CleanMyMac still show that they are there, but you cannot see them in Finder any longer. Killing the Finder does not help but once you reboot, Finder displays them again. Happened 3 times to me in the last 3 months after I did a nuke-and-pave installation on my new M2Pro MBP14.

Now that’s spooky! Do you have “Desktop and Documents” syncing enabled in iCloud Drive by chance?

No, Optimize Mac Storage and Desktop & Documents syncing in iCloud Drive are both (religiously) turned off.

And yes, you are right - technically, these are not Finder issues per se, but underlying macOS issues with the Finder visualizing that this issues exist.

This is my system. Here it seems that the relation makes sense: I have used 449 GB on disk, of which 206,58 is purgeable so the available 237,4 is approximately right. But the numbers reported on your Mac obviously do not make sense!

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 21.03.24

One thing of note, is that keeping the Info window open I can see the numbers change in real time as macOS is doing its thing. Perhaps the OS got confused in your setup.

Have you checked your Data partition in Disk Utility? By the way, I do not want to sound alarming but running First Aid would not hurt.

Yes, your numbers make sense and so do mine now.

My SSD is fine - checked it multiple times.