Finder keeps showing file extensions?

Catalina keeps showing file extensions everywhere!
I’ve disabled the Show all filename extensions option in Finder preferences, but pretty much every file I have or save now adds or shows the filename extension in Finder. Even Photos is showing the images with a .HEIC at the end.
I wonder what setting I might have changed to cause this?
I’ve deleted the Finder plist file(s) but that hasn’t helped.
Also, maybe this isn’t related, but I’ve found out that the keyboard shortcut I’ve set up for assigning tags to Finder items, cmd-; (command+semicolon) doesn’t always work…

“Show All Filename Extensions” is a bit of a misnomer.

In macOS, most files are set to show the extension by default.

However, there is a way that developers (or users) can hide filename extensions.

What “Show All Filename Extensions” really does it ignore the setting to hide the extensions on those files that have it set.

(It would probably be better named “Always Show All Filename Extensions”.)

However, the point is that even with that setting un-checked, most apps will default to showing the filename extensions, and there is no corresponding setting/option to “Never Show Any Filename Extensions”.

Thanks TJ. I didn’t know that.
Somehow I think this is a new occurrence for me; I don’t recall getting this behavior previously on my computers. I’ll have to check if this happens on my other Macbook as well.

Well it seems I can’t seem to pin point the issue. Somewhere along the line, some or most apps started by default adding the file extension to the filename when saving. I checked on my reserve 2012 MacBook which I’m only using for misc stuff like media libraries and I don’t see the same in every app there.