Finder, Mail and Safari Pop up and then Pop down

Click here to see YouTube Video of Problem in Action

When I have finder open and I click on Window and then select a previous Window, it will pop up from the dock and then appear to pop back down to the dock. My only work around is to open a new finder window. Not sure how to close all of the windows as I can’t get them to stay up. Sometimes Merge all windows will clean things up a bit but not ideal.

I have been living with this awhile now, it is just getting frustrating. I keep thinking that the next update will fix it but I have been having this problem since before Catalina.

I was hoping that “Clean my Mac” would help, I run the Disk Utility regularly.

Not sure what else to try.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Some things come to mind:

  • What keyboard do you have? Is it a “bad butterfly” one? Maybe a key is sticking?
  • the ⌘ - M keyboard shortcut minimizes a window. You do not have a KM macro triggering that performs that keystroke?
  • Have you configured any smart corners to minimize frontmost app?

Noticed that you have something that creates number shortcuts sort of things on the left of the menu when you mouse trough it; if it’s a third party app it might conflict

But then it would be all apps. Just seems limited to these 3.

Not sure what you are referring to.

I had to go back and watch my own video, those numbers are from Voice Control.

The Apps have been popping up and down even prior to Voice app

that’s exactly what I’m wondering about, how can this happen for these only?
Really strange

Oh ok didn’t know what those were :grimacing::upside_down_face: