Finder seeing files as aliases

Hello, all you wonderful folks with technical savvy that outpaces my own. :grin:

So I’ve recently undertaken to moving/organizing all the files on my old external spinning drive to a nice new SSD. In my looking, I’ve found something very curious:

The files you see here are all movie files, and I am assuming by their varying and larger file size, they are all the original movies. However, Finder seems to be seeing them as aliases. Try opening, and I get this:

The option to Fix, which is the only one that could save me here, asks me to point to the item to fix the link, but I think that the file IS the item. Furthermore, I can’t point it at itself, as the Finder won’t let me show these files in their enclosing folders, although I guess I will find them all eventually going through the drive, but that’s 3TB of tedious, there.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on here and how to fix it, if at all?

Edited to add:
Also, it seems I cannot delete these files. At least, not from this finder window. The option doesn’t exist, and hitting Delete or cmd-opt-del doesn’t do anything but beep. The plot thickens.


Run Disk Utility » First Aid.

That’s what I’d try. Even better if you boot into Recovery and run Disk Utility from there.