Finder sorting new files as "No Date"?

Running my iMac on Mojave (10.14.6) which is the current version, as far as I understand.

I like to sort folder contents by date, so I can easily find a file for attachment or other action at the top of the list right after I saved it. However, lately I get new files sorted at the bottom, using a “No Date” label? The screenshot from Finder illustrates that there certainly are dates set for the file - anyone know what is going on here?

(The file in the example was written by MS Excel, but the exact same behavior is seen for other files as well - including the screenshot file attached here, written by the built-in macOS screenshot tool.)


Are those files still showing up with “No Date” after a reboot of the Mac?

If not: This thing has been an issue for years -

Usually, after a reboot everything is fine again. I have never experienced that but I have only switched in 2006 from the PC to the Mac and this might explain why I still shut down my Mac every day… Old PC habit. Still, eventually also a Mac likes to have a nice reboot… :slight_smile:

A different “solution” would be to restart the finder (Terminal: killall Finder).

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Thanks @Christian, I wasn’t aware the bug dated back this far. I think my first Mac was running Lion when it shipped, and that was a few years ago…

Going back to the folder now (about an hour later), it shows up correctly under “Today”, right at the top. (With no reboot or restart of Finder.)

Following the stackexchange result in your Google link, I did find another workaround suggested (as rebooting or killing Finder kinda defeats the goal of “quickly finding the file” :slight_smile: ) The suggestion was to set the Finder’s sort to “None” and use the column view. In the column view, clicking the header of the date column, it sorts correctly for me.

Also, knowing about this behaviour, a quick scroll to the bottom, while annoying, will probably work too.

This is clearly a bug, basic functionality like a date sort should work uniformly across Finder. Let’s hope it gets fixed in Catalina.

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I can confirm this bug is still there with 10.15.7 Catalina. Has bothered me for months. I did not have this issue with El Capitan :slight_smile: