Finding a Personal Assistant

I’ve heard MacSparky and othere here talk about their personal assistances, both remote workers and local ones.

I’m interested in how you find a remote PA who can take over some of the basic stuff like answering custoemr questions, handling general email and so on.

Suggestions on where to start looking would be appreciated. I need someone to work on AnimalTrakker stuff with me so I can focus on the progrsmming I need to get done.

The cheapest option would be but mileage may and will vary.

Otherwise, ad in a local newspaper or online.

Or LinkedIn to make a professional connection and get a bit of a scope for their experience upfront.

Or, you could use a digital assistant like Si… nah, just kidding! Lol

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A more accurate term is probably “virtual assistant,” and I only mention that because if you use “personal assistant” in your search you’ll turn up candidates with very different expectations of what the job entails.

I’ve had really good luck posting jobs on this site. It’s geared toward online business owners, so you’ll find a wide variety of skills and an even wider range of rates. The site has been around for 15+ years now, and has about 25,000 VAs in the community.

Wherever you look, be very clear about the skills required, the pay rate, and if you have a location preference. You’ll often find very low-cost VAs in developing nations, and you’ll pay a premium for those in the US and Canada.

Full disclosure, Tawnya (the owner of VA Networking) is a personal friend of mine.