Finding App URLs

I use a website launcher, AFineStart, as a browser home screen on my Macs. You just add the URL into the settings and it creates a menu system, with folders, for the sites.

Its intent is to launch websites. I asked the developer about launching apps from the menu and he said it could be done with an app URL. Problem is, neither of us knew how to determine the URL for a particular app.

Any help with this?



as far as I know, you can open apps with x-callback-url, that is, if the developer of the app provide it. try search for “x-callback-url <app you want to open>”

for example, the url things:// open Things 3 on desktop, or iOS version if you trigger the link on iPhone. Other example is notes:// will open macOS, while mobilenotes:// open the iOS message:// also open default mail client on macOS and iOS.

The concept is almost the same with, the OS will handle the link to open specific app.

Some collective of x-callback-urls for iOS can be found on
Hook for macOS is one great app which developers try to collect and leverage as many x-callback-url as possible.

turns out Discourse’s markdown will not handle url with x-callback-url as destination

Thanks for this. I had Hook before and I never went too far with it. I will give it a try this weekend when I get a bit of time.