Fine control of iPhone volume using buttons

Wondering if there is a way to increase the sensitivity of the volume buttons. I frequently find that one click of the volume up/down buttons changes the sound level way too much. I would like to adjust by smaller increments, like a third or a quarter of the default values.

I know I have the on-screen control in CtrlCenter, but that is not practical in most cases, like when the phone is in my pocket.


I don’t know of a way to change the button sensitivity, but another way that can be useful is to use Siri. You can set the volume to a specific setting: “Set the volume to 52%” or increase it by a nominal amount: “increase the volume by 5%” (volume goes from 20% to 25%, not a 5% increase of the currently set volume!). Not practical for all situations, but another option.

Playing around with Shortcuts (Get the Current Volume), a quick press of the volume button equates to a change of 6.25% (ie volume goes up in steps of 6.25… 50–>56.25–>62.5 etc). If you want to use Shortcuts to set the volume, it’s a number between 0 and 1.

This example increases the volume in steps of 3, so approximately half the increase of the side button.


I don’t think there’s any way to do it using buttons.

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I’m curious to know why one click is too corse. What headphones are you using? Do they have their own volume control?

@Mpacker This is mainly a concern when using wired earbuds connected via an external DAC/AMP, and when the listening volume is already a bit loud. Change of dynamics during or between tracks will often require a slight adjustment. This is usually less of an issue when listening to an album than for playlists with tracks from different albums. For instance, the mastering output levels are significantly lower for older recordings than contemporary ones, generally speaking.

Using the Control Center trick of long-pressing the volume slider to enlarge it will give me the precision I need, so the device is perfectly capable. It’s a very first word problem :grin:

Thanks, I had wondered if there was another gain stage in there, which can make the problem worse. Probably nothing much you can do expect hope that apple perhaps make the step programmable (highly unlikely). Most audiophile problems are first world but that’s kind of the point really!