Firefox for PowerPC Macs

I didn’t even know this existed.

Pretty cool that he managed to keep a modern browser running on Mac OS 10.4 all this time.


The end of the line for a pretty amazing project.


This inspired me to ponder what I’d miss if I had to downgrade to a PowerPC right now. Honestly, I struggle to think of anything.

Yeah in the age of web apps the OS or hardware updates loose a bit of importance, but there is still many things that would annoy me:

  • not having all those utility apps in their new versions (BTT, Keyboard Maestro, Rocket, Typinator)
  • not having good external screen support.
  • not having the the post Mojave screenshot interface
  • not having the newish photos app.
  • not having iMessage on the Mac.
  • no AirDrop

The list gets longer the longer I think about it, to be honest. So still som years until we can survive on dumb terminals alone (and Marvin Minsky’s version of the future is here;).

This is such an incredible project. I have a lot of respect for people who continue to use their computers for such a long period of time. It is always so cool and flashy to be using the latest and greatest stuff, but there is something about computers continuing to dutifully perform their tasks year after year, and projects like this definitely should be applauded for helping people lengthen the useable lifetimes of their computers.