First Impressions: Waterfield SleeveCase for new iPad Pro

After hearing such great things from @MacSparky about Waterfield cases, and seeing @ChrisUpchurch’s review of the Sutter Tech Sling a few weeks back, I decided I wanted to try out one of these fine bags for my new 12.9" iPad Pro. I ended up with the Waterfield SleeveCase in waxed canvas and “Grizzly” leather.

I went with the SleeveCase because I am traveling pretty light these days for most of my business meetings, needing just the iPad Pro in its folio keyboard case and a Field Notes notebook and pen. It always feels like I’m forgetting something when I walk out the door with just this small package, but it’s really all I need for most events.

The SleeveCase fits the iPad perfectly and the protection seems really good. You can keep the pencil attached to the top of the iPad like this:

Or, for more security, there’s a nice little pencil holder built into the flap. There’s a small pocket on the back of the case which holds my small Field Notes notebook. You could stick a charging cable and small power brick in here as well, but not much else. The strap on the bottom of the sleeve lets you hold the bag with a finger or thumb while you slide out the iPad. Clever.

The bag can be ordered with a horizontal opening (the one I bought), or a vertical opening for stowing more conveniently in a backpack or other tall bag. For an extra $5, I had D-Rings added so I could carry this with the strap from my main briefcase. I don’t know if I’ll use this much because it’s pretty light and easy to carry as it, but nice to have:

When I’m traveling for longer periods or need extra gear, the sleeve fits nicely inside my well worn LL Bean briefcase and provides great protection. I like the styling and think it will age well.

Total cost, including the D-Rings, was $74. Shipping was free and fast. I’m pleased with the overall quality and utility this little sleeve brings me. This might be a good choice if you’re traveling lighter these days, and already have a nice bag when you need the carry more stuff. Let me know if I can answer any questions about this nice little bag/sleeve.

Thank you, Chris Upchurch and David Sparks for turning me on to Waterfield!


Very nice review @Bob. I picked up the SleeveCase (one of the vertical format ones) for times when I want to throw my iPad into a backpack rather than using the Tech Sling. I haven’t really had a chance to use it yet, but it’s definitely made with Waterfield’s usual quality.