Fishbone (ishikawa) diagrams: mind map software?

I could have sworn that either MindNode or iThoughtsX had the ability to make fishbone diagrams, but now can’t find that. It’s also possible I was hallucinating. Is there some good Mac or iPad (preferably both) software that allows quick and easy creation? I know Keynote & PowerPoint can manually create these, but is there something that has the auto-formatting and ease of use that MindNode does for MindMaps?

iThoughts X (Mac) does.

Here is a Fishbone mockup that I created in iThoughts.

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If there’s something you need in a mindmap that iThoughts doesn’t do you can email the developer with your suggestions.

Thank you everyone. I don’t know how I missed that in iThoughts. It’s in the iPad version as well.

I’d echo that. I’ve talked to Craig The Developer numerous times, including a productive conversation I’m having with him right now.

@neonate, can you tell us how you created that mockup?

iOS version: In Settings → Style Settings → Map Layout → Fishbone

I don’t have the MacOS version (yet). How does it compare to MindNode?

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iThoughts on the Mac (available with Setapp subscription):Edit%20-%3EStyle%20Settings

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Ah; So it’s a built in style.

But I don’t think Level 1 and 2 Link Styles are Right Angled. The other styles look funky.

I used the Style “org chart” and selected Fishbone as above. It’s not a perfect Ishikawa diagram (doesn’t have the spine and ribs, the sub causes are outside the causes instead of closer to the spine), but it gets the job done.