Fitness and Apple Watch

If you used the Apple Watch to get healthier … could you share your story, and some tips?

(I am, tbh, trying to find justification to buy a new Apple Watch.

I have a series 2, and I mostly use it to turn the volume up and down on my AirPod pros while I’m cycling. I also use it, sometimes, to tell the time.

I tried using it to track walks and cycles and, sadly, I found it didn’t work very well, and I didn’t find it very motivating.

I’m not sure if the problem was that the series 2 wasn’t up to it. Or maybe I wasn’t using it cleverly. Or maybe I’m not able to be gamed …)

Any tips would be hugely appreciated!

I find it helps motivate me to close my rings (move,exercise,stand) every day. I went for about 135 days straight closing them all every day. I’ve since missed my stand goal once, and my move goal once, but I’ve closed my exercise ring every day since June 27.
I use mine while rowing on my rowing erg, I also use the company’s ErgData app to get detailed data.
I have the series 3.


I weigh over 100 lbs less than when I bought my Series 0 back in 2015. The majority of the credit for that lies with the calorie counting app rather than the Apple Watch, but I think the helped keep me much healthier and more fit over the course of all that weight loss.


I find the competition with myself to keep my now-224-day goal achievement streak going is a good motivation. As we head into winter it will be more difficult, but I’ve psyched myself to be accountable to the watch, so that’s a good thing.

Just a few weird glitches. If I take a 3hr trip of non-stop driving, I achieve more than 100% of my exercise goal by the end of the trip even if I start the trip at zero. Just by sitting in the car? I’ve noticed that on all three watches and multiple WatchOS’s that I’ve owned. Maybe GPS confuses the watch, or the movement sensor is confused by the car. I don’t know.

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I have the same thing. I think it may be related to the arm movements. I can also “burn” just as many calories, and log just as many exercise minutes, juggling as I can jogging on the treadmill.

It’s my end-of-the-day cheat when I haven’t quite closed my Move and Exercise rings. I listen to a podcast and juggle for a half hour.


I understand not being motivated. We’re all driven by different kinds of motivations. But is that what you mean by it not working well, or did it literally not record the activity? My Series 0 and 1 each served me well for biking and walking, but I don’t require a lot of data. I just want to know how long I was out there, how far I went, and how many calories it claims I burned.

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I used to have a Polar fitness watch. For pure fitness training it was better than the Apple Watch. However, it didn’t have GPS to measure speed, couldn’t connect with the iPhone, and a chest strap was needed to measure heart rate.

For my needs, the Apple Watch is accurate enough. If someone is training for the Olympics it might not be the right tool.

I didn’t see activity sharing mentioned yet. You can set the Apple Watch up so that you can see the rings, get workout notifications, and even “compete” with people that you know. That can be quite motivating. Seeing a friend regularly close her rings with a 1,100 calorie goal can have an effect . . .

I also agree that keeping a streak going can be motivating.

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Congratulations. That required a lot of hard work. :+1: :+1:

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