Fitness tracker (besides the Apple Watch)

I made a decision two years ago to go with a Fitbit fitness tracker, instead of the Apple Watch.

I was worried about being “too connected,” with the Watch. And what I needed in a tracker was pretty simple:

  • Number of steps
  • Time and date
  • Notification of an incoming call (and then I can pick up my iPhone, if I can answer it.)
  • Sleep tracking

The Fitbit worked fine, but it has just been pronounced “deceased” by their support (battery issue).

So I need to replace the Fitbit. Wondering if anyone is using a tracker they are happy with, besides the Apple Watch.

Fitbit Versa. Just into my third week and enjoying the fitness focus and time, text warnings. No problems so far.

I’m awaiting my first Apple Watch tomorrow, a series 4 non-cellular.

I do some crossfit WODs, which entail high intensity body works, like burpees and kettle bells swings etc.

Any advice for which workout activity I should use when I’m doing CrossFit?

Related: when doing CrossFit WODs we often use weights and kettle bells etc. I would prefer to wear the Apple Watch to track the health benefits, but I’m also a little scared that I might shatter the glass. Will the Apple Watch Series 4 still do all the significant tracking if I wear it on the inside of my wrist?

Also, I do some 5k running once in a while, and I have used RunKeeper on my iPhone and I would like to continue to do that, does anyone know if the RunKeeper app for Apple Watch is any good?