<Fixed> Overcast & getting Podcasts onto Apple Watch

Just wondering if anyone has had success getting Overcast to sync Podcasts to Apple Watch when both iOS devices are running Beta 14.

I know Overcast has had issues with Apple Watch syncing for a while and Marco has discussed on ATP (with plans to improve soon), however normally i could at least manually send Podcasts to my watch as required. I’m on dev beta, so fully appreciate that might be the issue, but just wanted to know if anyone has had success with either “Auto-Sync to Watch” or “Send to Watch”?

Nothing shows in downloads :frowning:

Have tried to delete and re-install Overcast on both iPhone and Apple Watch (with reboots in between).

I’ve stopped using overcast for now on the apple watch. The beta install cycle made it almost impossible when you need 2.8 Gb free each time.

Sync was glitchy anyway, but that can be expected during the beta.

So magically, and after updating to the latest iOS 14 dev beta 7, sync’ing to my Apple Watch started working again.

This is what you get in beta builds. No use in trying to troubleshoot things when the OS versions (a) are expected to break things and (b) updates change things (and break other things)

Yes indeed, I’ve lived the beta lifestyle for many many years (many phone rebuilds, no battery pilfer at 10am, last minute and poorly chosen upgrades at airports before international flights etc).

In this case I was trying to figure out if this was likely to be a beta issue, or just broken Apple Watch sync that has been widely discussed (including by Macro).