FLAC Converter for Music on MacOS

I’ve got some live shows I need to put into Music on macOS, and I need to find a good Flac converter. I guess it’s kind of niche, so most of the apps I’ve found look kind of sketchy.

I did this in the past, but it’s been so long, that I can’t remember the app that I used. I feel like it had an ape or something that looked like one of Sendak’s “wild things,” but I can’t remember.

Any help would be great!

Take a look at Fission from Rogue Amoeba: Rogue Amoeba | Fission: Fast & Lossless Audio Editing

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I’ve always used XLD


XLD user here too. .

Another vote for XLD

+1 vote for XLD. Great little app and fast conversion

You can’t go wrong with FFmpeg :slight_smile:

For batch conversions, I use Permute which makes it super easy and fast too!

I use To Audio Converter

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Thanks, everyone; good suggestions! XLD won’t run because it says it needs to be updated and signed. I’ll check Permute. I wish I could remember the one I used to use!

+1 for Fission.

I use it for any kind of audio conversion that I need to do.

+1 for XLD. It never let me down.

All of the Rogue Amoeba software is top-notch. Use their tools every day. Fission for editing and AudioHijack for recording, Soundsource for dedicated sound input and output for applications.

For bulk audio conversion (FLAC to m4a) or even DSD to m4a XLD is my fav. It’s quick, uses multicore CPU, renames and fixes meta data on the fly.