Flaky Calendar Search

From time to time I’ve done a search for an event on the iOS calendar app. I search for something simple like Dentist. I know I have an appointment sometime in May, but can’t remember the exact day. I did this today, no results. I manually looked through each day in May and found it. I then moved it to a day in June. Did the search again and it found the moved appointment. What is going on? Does the Calendar only cache data to a certain point? Maybe the next 30 days or something like that? Although that doesn’t make sense since it was able to find the later appointment in June.

I was able to do a search going back to 2021, so it sounds like something is wrong. I know it is possible to tell Calendar to limit the syncing for past events, but I don’t think there is any such limit on future events.

Have you tried restarting the phone, just in case it’s a temporary (though recurring) glitch?

Barring that, I know of no way to reset searching.

Are you using iCloud calendars?

Yes, I’m using iCloud calendars. I did a search on the iPad and it found all my dentist appointments in the past and future. This must’ve been a temporary glitch, but it wasn’t the first time I noticed this issue.

If you are having a problem finding an entry type a single " in the search field and it will create a list of all your calendar entries that you can scroll through.

Sometimes it can be a little slow if you have a lot of entries going back years.

Do you mean type a single space?

Quotation mark "

When I try that, I get no results.

It appears that trick doesn’t work the same on iOS as it does on the Mac. (I made the screenshot on a Mac.) I hadn’t noticed because I’ve been using the google iOS calendar for several years.

I just tried it on the Apple iOS calendar and it only shows me events between 2011 and 2016. I guess something has changed. Sorry.