Flash Player is the fix

I had been having problems in MacOS for some time with video playback. What would happen is that after a random amount of time streaming video playback on any platform on any browser would stop working properly. I was eventually escalated on Apple Tech Support and after working with them for some time they h has me install Flash. I was resistant, but it actually solved the problem. So, to help anyone having similar issues I offer this advice. Install Flash, it immediately solved all the problems.

Personally I would rather have streaming issues than to install flash. Got rid of it years ago and have not missed it.


I agree with @glenthompson. Flash is a security minefield; your computer is better off without it.

Link to short article in MacObserver describing the security risk of Flash and the abandonment of Flash by the internet community:

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No, not under any circumstance will I install Flash. I don’t know really why Apple tech advised you to do that. It surprises me in fact. A lot of scams and fishing expeditions actually now ‘advise’ you to install Flash, often from their own locations. I really would advise against it.

Yep, I aware of that too and I was very surprised. However, it was the only thing that fixed the problem. I was, like @glenthompson also the happiest guy when I removed Flash years ago. However, it’s the only thing that has solved the problem. Now that I’ve upgraded to Catalina I want to remove it and see if the problem stays gone. However, in Mojave steaming was nearly unusable. I would try to play, say, a YouTube video and instead of playing it would run through at high speed (a 30 minute video in about 2 seconds) and in Chrome they wouldn’t even play. I tried a number of other reliable browsers and nothing worked. So, I finally called Apple and this was the solution when talking with their advanced tech support folks. Any other solution would have been welcome, but there was none that could be determined.

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Let us know what transpires on Catalina Gabe? It would be interesting. I can see how you felt. I really wonder what is causing the problem in the first place though? Quite unusual on a browser.