"Flat" View of Groups of Photos Nested In Individual Folders

I have a situation where there are related individual photos grouped into a single folder. I need a way to quickly view each folder’s photos in a view where I do not have do dive into each folder to see the contents.

So, we have:

folder 1:
photo 1
photo 2

folder 2:
photo 3
photo 4


Is there a way so I can see the photos displayed at the same level with an app like Path Finder or some other Finder alternative? Open to suggestions.

I am happy to clarify my query, if needed.

The FileLoupe app is wonderful for viewing photos.

Adobe’s Bridge app can do this, too. (Some sources say Bridge can be downloaded for free. I can’t test that as I’m already subscribed to Adobe software.)


Thank you for taking the time to give a recommendation. I appreciate it.

Any chance you have given an app called ‘Lyn’ for macOS a try? Just curious.

Lyn App Link

One thing that might work for you…

Open the parent folder in Finder (i.e. make sure it is the top level folder visible) then search for “image” and choose “Image” under the “Kinds” heading.

You’ll now see a flat view of all images that are in the top level folder or any subfolders.

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Thank you for this suggestion.

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