Flatbed Scanner Recomendation?

I have TONS of prints that my wife and I would like to scan. I have a Futjitsu Scansnap iX500 that has served me well for several years, but would like to purchase a flatbed one for the mass photography scanner. Any recommendations?


This is an old thread but may be pertinent to you.

The best flatbed scanner is the Epson V850.
I used it for scanning medium and large format film.

The only scanning software that works without a huge pain factor is from VueScan. Don’t even waist your time on “Silverlight”



I second the recommendation for the Epson. My sister-in-law bought one but didn’t have time to use it to scan in a bunch of slides and prints her dad had. I used it to scan them in and it did a great job. Came with different carriers for slides and negatives. It’s a large device which I had to use in a small space.

I’ve gotten my ScanSnap 1500 to do an adequate job on snapshots. Scanned one in then printed out the scanned image. The two prints were barely distinguishable.

I bought the Epson V300 Photo Scanner in 2009 and have scanned well over 1000 photos over the years. It also has back light function and holder for scanning slides which is something I also needed to do. I used Image Capture on all my scans and was totally satisfied with the results. Very simple and you can usually get 5 pictures on the long bed scanner per scan. The software can separate the individual photos.
It was by far the best investment I made and I see the results of my efforts every day with Apple photos bringing up old scanned photos for me to remember.
For most people, any photos prior to digital are now “lost” to them by being hidden in old albums or boxes.
I am sure Epson has a more current version that is better but I still am completely satisfied with my 12 year old purchase.

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I know people who really lost valuable photos because they were stored without backups.

When we had to evacuate during the Thomas fire we did not bother about packing the photo albums since we knew we could always have them printed again.

That’s interesting. We also evacuated during the Thomas Fire. We did the same. I am always preaching to people to get their photos into a digital format and back up. It is amazing how many digital photos we all have but a small fraction from “the before time”. Additionally the quality does not degrade like the physical form. You can even bring back some of the quality from faded photos.


If you have the digital files and/or negatives. But, don’t forget, while MPU users religiously back-up, the “average user” often doesn’t.

Stored with my print service :wink:

Ah, that’s also a bkacup. But you know what I mean. One former colleague lost years worth of baby/kid photos (HD crash, no backup). His wife wanted to kill him. :smiley:

All my photos are massively backed up. Dozens of travels.