Flexibits... sigh

Why does Fantastical need to show the date in the dock icon and the menu bar icon? Why can I configure what shows in the menu bar icon but not the dock icon? I like the Fantastical dock icon, why does it need to change to the date when I have the date clearly showing on the menu bar icon?

does this irritate anyone else?

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You can use this URL to change the icon to something more akin to iOS. It should make it look like the following in your dock.


CleanShot 2020-11-15 at 21.50.10@2x


I’d like to try that, but how can I revert if I decide it’s not for me?

EDIT: this? (seems to do it)



I jui

That did it. Thanks. I really liked the old icon and hate to lose it. Im not touching Big Sur until next September so the new icon means nothing to me. but at least this removes the redundancy on my desktop.

unrelated: what is the top icon in your dock there?



Obsidian. I grabbed a custom icon for it from https://macosicons.com


I think it’s nice that the date is on the dock icon :man_shrugging:


you must be a bottom docker. :grinning:

it may be nice but it should be configurable. My date is displayed in the menu bar. I don’t really need it displayed in three places…

it worked fine on intel but any idea why this will not work on the M1? I get zsh: parse error near ‘&’


Nope. I don’t have access to a M1. :confused: I got the code from Flexibits, so you could try to write their support team.

Trust me, the time will come in your life that you’ll appreciate these little reminders :sunglasses: :sunglasses: