Floating Browser Window App or Trick Recommendation

Hi MPUers,

I need your help with finding a solution for a reliable floating browser window on macOS, so I can keep it hovering at times for quick things. I currently use BetterTouchTool and Keyboard Maestro, but I’m facing issues with BetterTouchTool’s floating HTML window. It keeps losing its size and becomes very small, forcing me to resize it every time.

If any of you know of a reliable app or trick to achieve a floating browser window, I would greatly appreciate your recommendations. I’m also open to suggestions outside of BetterTouchTool and Keyboard Maestro, as long as it provides consistent sizing without constant resizing.

Perhaps the Mini Arc feature of the Arc Browser?

I use He3 for this:

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I also use Helium. I didn’t know about the hold shift trick! Nice.

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Thanks! Seems this is a fork of Helium which I thought was archived.

Anyway, I downloaded it but it seems like just code and doesn’t have an .app file. How do I run it

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I did the same then discovered it’s on the app store for free:

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Thanks. I had not checked App Store :person_facepalming:

I tried it and opened a URL with it. It opens but seemed buggy as I wasn’t able to move the window. And, one closed, the URL had to be re-entered to open it, there wasn’t a way to save the URL so it can be easily opened

The window’s fixed as a feature. You should be able to change a toggle somewhere to move it, then lock it again.

There’re also different levels of transparency available.