Floating window hell

How do people manage those damn floating windows: Fonts, Colors, etc.?

I realize these are system-level services, with per-app positioning, but I can’t find a satisfactory workflow. E.g. For Colors, after selecting font color there’s no easy way to dismiss that window as the focus remains on the text editor window. Is everyone not full-screening their apps and just positioning those floating windows off to one side?

Is there maybe an YT video showing a Mac guru in action - something like those Shkreli Excel videos :wink:

Any pointers greatly appreciated!

Not exactly sure what you mean. Are you talking about this?

Thanks, yes that’s it. The window can pop up over the editor window and it cannot be Cmd+W’ed as (reasonably) it does not grab the focus. Having to move fallback to the cursor is v frustrating

In the apps where I use it, the keyboard shortcut ‘Command-T’ will toggle that panel open and closed.

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Yeah, and if you change the font color from there then you’ll have to do Cmd+T and also Cmd+Shift+C as well to close both those windows, ugh!

Sorry. I’m a heavy mouse user. :mouse:

So, you’re looking for something that is easier than using the keyboard shortcuts. You could probably use an apple script or keyboard maestro (or something similar) to simplify this process so that it’s maybe one function key (ie - check to see if these are open then toggles closed). Good luck. :grinning:

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Graphic designers I know who use these kind of floating palette’s dedicate a monitor (or their laptop display while they use a monitor) to them, or have super huge monitors to allow space for them without having to reduce the size of the main window too much.

The other thing I’ve seen with Sidecar is to use an iPad for the palettes


That’s what I do. I don’t use full screen because my screen (27" iMac) is so large, and I’ve got a second display as well.


Thanks, seems like this might be the way to go.

I wonder is there a system-level setting such that these windows appear at same location for ALL apps?

Doesn’t seem to be. I would expect it would be up to the app where any pop-ups appear, and also up to the app to remember the last location when restarting the app. Frankly, while Apple does publish their UI guidelines, not every app follows them and even Apple’s own apps are inconsistent.