Floor stand recommendations for HomePods

I am looking for floor stands for two HomePods for our living room. Attached is a picture of the location (corner next to the bookshelf, a second stand would be in identical location to the left of the fireplace. Also attached is an a stand as a general example of what I’m looking for, though I’m not sure these are exactly what I want.

I want the stands to be neutral to decorative given the location.

Any recommendations based on what you are using?

I have a pair of Ultimate Support stands, which will last a lifetime or two, which I use to support some heavy-duty powered monitors with 8-inch woofers. I recommend them but they’re probably overkill for a little HomePod. (My HomePod sits on a side table in my bedroom, on a coaster.)

An option I just learned about recently is a wall mount that keeps the HomePod out of the way. Intriguing.

For sound isolation (and better sound quality) you might also want to consider isolation pads. The best ones can be expensive, but they don’t have to be; I bought these (currently unavailable) a couple of years ago for my Audioengine iMac monitors to attenuate vibrations to my desk and firm up the sound - they cost under $15, I think. I don’t yet use pads with my HomePod but I will probably end up doing so.

You might also consider something like this, given its location to the wall outlet: ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf – A Space-Saving Solution For Anything Up to 10lbs – Built-In Cable Channel - Easy Install With Hardware Included - Ideal For Sonos and Smart Home Speakers - EGOS1 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XPJP32R/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_44zjCb0M9HCHK

I’m not sure how much this matters but I believe Apple recommends that they be placed at least 6 inches from the wall.

I had not seen that option. Great idea, my only reservation is that it will keep the speakers pretty close to the floor. On the other hand, they would be inconspicuous. I may give these a close look.

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This is a good question. Of course, if I place them on a bookshelf they will not be 6 inches from the wall. I may have to do a bit of experimentation. I wonder if anyone has noticed a difference between being 6 inches versus less than 6 inches from the wall.

That makes sense; for studio monitors, when too close bass sounds reflect off near walls they recombine with direct sound from the monitors, and in-phase frequencies get amplified while out-of-phase ones cancel out (called the boundary effect), so the cheapest solution is keeping monitors 12-24" away from walls. (More expensive options include front bass-port monitors, and more expensive still are installing front bass port monitors directly into the wall.) Since the HomePod has bass ports surrounding the unit the distance from the wall can be reduced.

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