Flowcharting Thanksgiving with Mermaid

@MitchWagner told me I had to share this:

I was playing around with making flowcharts using Mermaid and for want of a better subject I decided to flowchart my Thanksgiving dinner plans.

Mermaid code for the flowchart
  subgraph Wednesday
  T1[Make brine] --> T2[Brine turkey]
  P1[Mix pie crust] --> P2[Bake pie crust]
  R1[Cook sausage]
  B2[Make bread dough]
  B2 -- Let dough rise ---> B4[Bake bread]
  T2 -- Let turkey brine overnight --> T3[Roast turkey]
  T3 --> D
  P2 --> P3[Make pie filling]
  P3 --> P4[Chill pie]
  P4 ---> D[Thanksgiving dinner]
  R1 --> R2[Mix dressing]
  R2 --> R3[Bake dressing]
  R3 --> D
  M1[Peel potatoes] --> M2[Boil potatoes]
  M2 --> M3[Mash potatoes]
  M3 --> D
  B4 -----> D
  T3 --> S1[Make turkey stock]
  S1 --> S2[Make soup]
  D --> L[Leftovers!]


I don’t see any URL scheme links to reminders, timers, or calendar events???

(I am kidding, of course, but it is possible… https://mermaid-js.github.io/mermaid/#/flowchart?id=interaction)

So what time should I come over for dinner? :slight_smile:


Is the FaceTime call with family members who cannot be there in person this year before or after dinner?

graph TD
	D[Thanksgiving Dinner] --> Z[FaceTime with all loved ones]

The goal is to FaceTime with my parents (who I had been planning to travel to visit for Thanksgiving) during dinner. We’ll see if we can actually make that timing work, being in different time zones and with variability in turkey cooking times.

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This reminds me of a series of screenshots I took years back of my iCal on t-day. Here’s 2008:


Jeez - organized for over 12 years!


As you well know for yourself, I’m sure, obsession at this level takes decades.


Personally I’d go for Taskheat to help me organise this. My Thursday is also looking like a complicated list of interdependent tasks - but it’s just a Thursday here! Good luck with the turkey :slight_smile:


Thanksgiving is not a thing here, but…

This Mermaid stuff looks interesting. Did you compare it to Graphviz?

OT: Graphviz is, IMO, more robust and complex than Mermaid. However it is easy to throw Mermaid into a markdown document when using an editor – such as Obsidian – that understands Mermaid.

However, even if there is no in-built Mermaid support – e.g., in DEVONthink on macOS – the markdown document can have this code at the front and the document will parse the Mermaid code correctly.

  <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/mermaid/dist/mermaid.min.js"></script>

There are some bold color choices in this calendar lol.

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Despite the vagaries turkey cooking times across two separate time zones we managed to get everything synced up (though getting my turkey breast done in time was a close run thing). My parents and I were able to sit down and set up our iPads on the table and have Thanksgiving dinner “together” via FaceTime. While I would much rather have been there in person, not making the trip was the correct choice and I am grateful to our Apple technology for making a virtual Thanksgiving dinner possible.


I like that all paths lead to the ultimate goal of Thanksgiving: having delicious leftovers for days on end :smiley:


That mermaid code is beautiful in its minimalism. Such a simple representation of such a complicated graph.