Fluid v2: how to open "external" links in system browser?

I use Fluid to make “macOS Apps” for services like Remember The Milk and FastMail. When I clicked on an “external” link (not in the whitelist) in v1 it would be opened in the system browser. In v2 it opens in Fluid itself, overwriting the current page.

How can I get the v1 behavior in v2?

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I was happy to see Fluid make a comeback with Fluid 2.0.

If you open up Preferences for the Fluid-created app and click on Whitelist you can “whitelist” specific URL/URL patterns. URLs that don’t match will open in your default browser.

For example, here’s a Fluid app I created for Basecamp. If I click on a non-Basecamp link (e.g. a link in message) it will open the URL in Safari.


Not for me it seems. I hinted at it in my first post, but to be more specific:

My whitelist contains two entries:

(and I have selected “Allow” browsing to URLs matching these patterns)

Still all other links open in Fluid (current tab, new tab, or new window) instead of Safari.

That’s odd. Your best bet is to reach out to the developer (Todd Ditchendorf) for support. It looks like he primarily provides support via Twitter.

I would hope not - the last tweet/reply from that account was in 2015! :woozy_face:

On second thought, better to use Todd’s personal Twitter feed.

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I already emailed him last week. Might try Twitter as well.

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I just discovered Pin to menu bar for Fluid app and it’s pretty cool how I could pin MPU forum as a menu bar item and when clicked, will show the iOS version of the forum. Very “Mac” like.

Yeah I run Overcast in my Mac that way.

Another option I just discovered is Unite. For some reason Fluid didn’t work for a function of a web service I use all the time, but Unite does. Can’t say I prefer either for any other reason—just use what works for you!