Foamcore for Focused Calendar

After listening to @macsparky and @mikeschmitz, I’d like to mount my 2023 Focused Calendar on foamcore. However, I haven’t been able to find any place that provides this as a service locally. I’m willing to mount it myself, but everywhere selling foam boards big enough for the calendar seems to want to sell you at least a 10-pack. Does anyone have any suggestions?

How about mounting on a poster frame.
I.e. not putting the glass/acrylic over it, but putting the calendar on top of the glass/acrylic?

I’m also interested in this. My last Kinko’s experience was… not great.

Would love to do it myself next year.

I did it at the local fedex/kinkos. They did a great job and it cost $30. Power Tip: This year I had them put two grommets in the top so I can pull it down easily.