Focus Feature Screens

Hi, How do you get a focus screen of apps particular to different modes? I saw the awesome Macsparky webinar but missed this part.

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I missed it too. Let’s us know if you hear back from someone. Thank you

Will do. I read somewhere, after I posted this, that you cannot set up a screen just for focus. David may have meant we can set up a screen and just add the apps for each focus although I do not know how t do that either.

What one can do in Focus Mode is choose which of your iOS home screens are visible in that Focus Mode. Simply go into the settings for the mode and there is a Home Screen option where you can tick which screens to allow.

I use it to put my work-only apps (which, importantly, includes Outlook as I use a separate email app for work) on that screen. When at work, I hide about 5 screens of fluff so that my work stuff becomes more prominent and easy to get to.
If Apple let us set up Focus Modes better so I could use blacklists as filters rather than whitelists, I’d also set up a Personal Focus Mode that hid this screen.

edit: My Sleep Focus Mode hides all but my first Home Screen to reduce distractions. I can always access what’s in the Dock, and I can always search for apps too.

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Thanks, Graeme, you can’t put aliases in there, right?

Couldn’t you create a shortcut that launches a particular app? Similar.

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I have no idea. I imagine you can.

Actually you can add an app icon twice (or more) now! Just drag it over as many times as you like from the App Library. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much, Kaitlin!

This is going to drive me bonkers. I figured out how to add a page of apps on my iPad (easily) but my iPhone does not want to cooperate. Help.

It should just me a matter of getting into edit mode (long press on a blank space if you have one, or on an app icon and then select ‘edit Home Screen’. Then you can drag apps over to the right onto a new screen.

All I’m getting are widgets.

Hmm, without seeing what you’re trying it’s difficult to say - but are you perhaps tapping the ‘+’ icon in the top right? If so, don’t! Just swipe as if you’re trying to get to another screen that’s already there.

Kaitlin! Thanks! That is exactly what I’ve been doing. I did try following your instructions, to no avail. :blush:

How is everyone liking focus mode?

It is quite practical, nicely designed. I was mixing it up with a different app.